Thursday, 26 August 2010

Best Way To Spot A Fake GHD Hair Styler

GHD, a name synonymous over time with trust, fashion, quality & reliability. All this has been put underneath risk by the invasion of fake GHD hair straighteners popping up everywhere. When you have been involved in GHD retail and GHD repairs yourself you'll have seen plenty of proof of this. More and more however, increasingly more of these faux GHD's are arriving from China, they look like the real deal but come with a sting in the tail.

When you have bought or acquired a GHD styler as a gift within the last couple of years you could learn this. After I carry out a GHD restore you are able to do just a few checks on the irons to ensure they're the true deal. To do these checks get out your GHD's and comply with the GHD fake checker test.

How one can Spot a Pretend GHD Information

a.) Check the sticker opposite the on/off switch. This could have a model number on it (eg. MK4.1b), now the letter within the model quantity stands for the color of the GHD straighteners. 'b' stands for black, 'p' stands for pink etc. Now, when the 'made in China' fake GHDs had been manufactured they made the identical sticker for the black ones because the pink, so if your iron is pink but has a MK4.1b model number this may point out it is fake.
b.) Now all latest GHD's have a serial quantity on the silver sticker reverse the on/off switch. You can register this quantity on the official GHD website. This should let you know in case your GHD is a real one, nonetheless in case your GHD is a bit older it will not be nonetheless cataloged by GHD and should not show up so that is for newer GHDs really.
c.) Assume, where did I buy these from? Did I pay full market worth about £one hundred? For those who purchased these irons lately brand new for beneath £seventy five then the possibilities are these could be fake. There are solely a handful of official online shops, these are the massive skilled shops that sell different magnificence products. you would not find real model new GHD's at a automobile boot sale or market so forget it should you think these is perhaps real.
d.) GHD Repairs are straightforward for professionals they see lots of irons however there are some easy checks we can all do. First of all check behind the hinge covers, this is the realm behind the 2 logos and the edges of the irons. Earlier than doing a GHD repair you can pop these off with a small screwdriver. Below there is a hinge pin or screw. Now, this pin should have a cross-head (Phillips head) screw at each side of the pin. If the pin only has one screw and a stopper on the other aspect, this is a fake.
e.) Not too long ago to the market there are a lot of faux purple GHD straighteners, these are the brand new mk4 IV model ones. The fakes are likely to have a purple plug, the true ones have a black one. The pretend ones are also over heavily (crudely) patterned. One other widespread copy is the MK4 IV sizzling pink styler.
f.) Now most of you want open a GHD up and attempt your own GHD restore however for those who did you would also see that each one the interior circuit boards on a fake GHD have soldered points, the true ones have mainly screw fixings.
I hope this helps you test to see in case your GHD is the genuine article. One of the best and quickest tip is to test the hinge pin as described in part d.) of the guide.
If you happen to discover out your GHD is fake, what should you do? Please don't send them to a GHD or a GHD restore company, as if they are not actual, you possibly can be charged with the return of them. All the interior parts of the fakes are cheaply put together and are very prone to break once more even should you get them repaired. Most GHD restore companies won't have a look at them as a result of if they repair them after which the irons trigger injury or explode those firms tackle the legal responsibility for the damage. I'm sorry to say however the one place for the fakes is the bin. It is an costly lesson, however higher that then holding a potential lethal weapon to your head.
Best wager is to get your old set of real GHD's fixed. In case you have an older pair of straighteners in your home someplace that have stopped working, well don't concern there are also might GHD repairs companies that will supply a repair service on your old GHD and have them fastened as good as new, these will be found by doing an internet search. Please see the resources on the backside of the web page for extra information.